What others say about us

While we don’t get any pleasure from blowing our own trumpet, it’s important for us to demonstrate that our clients have been pleased with our services.  Not so that you will think we’re wonderful, but so that people can have confidence that we can deliver the help they need.

Providing pastoral support: “When the guys from Syzygy talk, you listen, because you know it makes sense.” (RS, mission worker in north India)

Training: “All that stuff you talked through with us, it was so helpful, because it was things we hadn’t even thought about that we needed to do.” (ZA, mission worker preparing for going)

Resourcing: “Sorting a car is probably the biggest worry and hassle of Home Assignment.  I can’t express what a blessing this is.” (OH, mission worker in south India)

Problem resolution: “I would be willing to see a proportion of my support go to pay for your expenses because I’ve previously experienced the consequences of well-intentioned but bungling amateurism.” (BJ, mission worker in west Africa)

Missions support: “From recent experiences and conversations, my wife and I are beginning to understand just how important and relevant your ministry is.” (MH, mission supporter in UK)

Our website“I found it really excellent and informative.  You have got some really helpful and well written articles in it.(AB, mission worker in southern Africa)

“Just a quick word of appreciation for your Syzygy blogs: your writing is precise, tight  very informative and often challenging – keep up the good work!” (RW, mission worker in UK)

Don’t just take their word for it – give us a chance to support you!

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