What our name means

“I urge you, loyal yoke-fellow, to help these women who have laboured at my side…”

Syzygy takes its name from a Greek word literally meaning ‘yoked together’ or co-worker, as found in Philippians 4:3, where it is sometimes translated as a personal name, Syzygus.  A syzygus was the more experienced one of two oxen ploughing as a pair.  Whoever this co-worker of Paul was, it was clear that Paul expected him to use his authority and compassion to help resolve this problem between two of his missionary colleagues.  Syzygy is the English version of this word.

This fits in well with our vision of helping mission workers.  The point which is being made is that the burden of Christian mission should fall on the shoulders of the entire church, not just those who are able and willing to go into frontline service.  Those labouring in the field are not ploughing alone – we share their burden.  This also underlines our mission to help mission workers.

Syzygy is pronounced ‘sɪzɨdʒi.  The first syllable alliterates with, well, syllable, and then -zygy rhymes with squidgy.  The stress is placed on the first syllable.

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