Syzygy is closing

Dear friends, supporters, co-workers and clients of Syzygy,

As you are aware, Syzygy has been slowly closing down over the past few months due to Tim’s ongoing health challenges.  It has been some while since we provided any Member Care.  Many of our assets have been disposed of and we have plans for those that remain.  This website is one of the few remaining manifestations of Syzygy and it will close in the next six weeks.  Until then you are welcome to download anything you feel will be of use to you in the future, and may use it free of charge as long as you credit Syzygy for its use.  We hope this will bless you and those you work with, and that through this the effort we have put into producing these resources will continue to bear fruit.

Missing the symphony?

So many Christians are like distracted onlookers at a concert.  They study the programme carefully, believe every statement made in it, speak respectfully of the music, but only really hear a phrase now and again.  So they have no notion at all of the mighty symphony which fills the universe, to which their lives are destined to make their tiny contribution, and which is the self-expression of God.

Evelyn Underhill, quoted in Celtic Daily Prayer Book 2, from the Northumbria Community


It’s Christmas!


Crisis in member care?


A crisis has been brewing in member care for nearly a decade, which is still widely unacknowledged and has not yet begun to take effect, but when it does, mission workers across the globe will feel the impact.

Since the financial crash of 2008 mission agencies have experienced a significant drop in income which has required them to rethink their approach to doing mission.  This often takes the form of questioning whether structures and processes designed in the 19th century are still relevant today, and if not, how we can reimagine the future of missionary sending.

A major feature of this is the argument (which to be fair, precedes the financial crisis even though declining income has given it more urgency) that sending mission workers should be the responsibility of the local church rather than agencies.  This is a valid perspective, but for more than a century agencies have effectively told churches to give them their people and their cash, so that the agency can send them.  Now they want churches to engage more, but the churches do not always know how.

What is the impact for member care?  Over the last couple of decades member care has made great strides in putting the care of mission workers on the map.  Most sending agencies are fully committed to member care, and many have full-time members of staff coordinating it, even if they don’t always do it as well as they’d like to think they do.  But pushing the sending responsibility over to churches means that agencies are discreetly, possibly even unintentionally, looking to shuffle off their responsibility for member care too.

Churches, meanwhile, are in a similar situation to the agencies.  While many churches already do member care well, others are extremely challenged to care for their mission partners.  Falling church incomes mean fewer staff while longer working hours for church members mean fewer volunteers available to serve.  Yet the church members demand higher quality services and the public are generally more needy of the practical help churches provide.  Add to that, many churches have not been actively involved in providing the member care that will start to come their way.  How are they going to develop the vision, capacity and skills to deal with this situation?

Syzygy is uniquely placed to assist with this challenging situation.  We are able to:

  • help churches develop member care capacity by providing training, mentoring and partnership.
  • work with larger agencies to help them continue to provide member care well should they choose to do so
  • assist smaller agencies which are unable to do their own member care by partnering with them and providing member care ourselves

Over the coming months we will be actively promoting these services so that we are able to provide support to all parties in this situation, with the ultimate goal that mission workers are more effectively supported than ever.  Should your church or agency be interested in finding out more, contact us on



Syzygy Missions Support Network

Orange lightOur aim is to help improve the support that missions workers worldwide receive.  One of the prime reasons for discouraged and burnt-out workers returning home in defeat is lack of adequate support.

Our vision is to develop a network of people who are prepared to contribute something of their experience, expertise or time, and to direct them to where they can make a real difference in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

The aim of Syzygy is to assist in the work of people on the mission field by helping to provide moral or practical support which they may need and which isn’t provided by their church or sending organisation.  We don’t want to duplicate something that someone else does, or tread on any toes, but where there are needs, we want to match them with solutions!

In the longer term we aim to help churches and sending agencies to develop and maintain strategies to equip them to support their own co-workers in cross-cultural situations.  The areas in which we are able to provide or arrange support include: logistics, member care, mission kids, pastoral support, publicity, temporary staffing and training.  Click on What We Do for more details.