Get giving

moneyAs you can imagine, Syzygy always needs money.  Keeping our four cars on the road costs us well over £1000 a month by the time we’ve paid for tax, insurance, servicing and delivery.  We also need to replace those cars periodically.

On top of that we have all the travelling costs involved in visiting mission workers, being at conferences, producing support materials and providing mentoring.  We already have some very generous supporters who fund our work, and some trusts which make occasional grants to us.  But we always need more. So please help us!

The simplest way to make a one-off donation is to give through Stewardship.  If you’d like to set up a standing order or make an online transfer, please email us on

Alternatively, you can give as you live by designating Syzygy as your chosen charity when you use Everyclick as your search engine – every click counts towards a regular donation to Syzygy!  Or you can use Amazon Smile when you are shopping, or donate through the Paypal Giving Fund.

Or just be retro and post us a cheque!

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