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prayWe believe that prayer is the number one need of every mission worker.  A regular feature of St Paul’s letters was a request for prayer that the gospel would spread through his ministry.  If he needed prayer as part of his missionary endeavours, how much more do we!  As J O Fraser observed when he realised that the breakthroughs in his ministry to the Lisu people of China were directly linked to the prayer of his supporters in the UK:

Solid, lasting missionary work is done on our knees.

So we’re committed to praying, and helping others to pray, for our mission partners worldwide.

For this reason, we’ve set up the Syzygy prayer network for mission workers with prayer needs.  If this is you, just email and your message will be automatically forwarded to everyone who’s in our prayer network.  If you have an emergency, just send us a short paragraph to tell us how we can pray for you.  We’ll make sure we won’t send out any information that can identify you but remember that we’ve got no control over what people do with it, so you might need to be discreet in what you say, particularly if you serve in a Creative Access Nation.

You’re also welcome to send us your regular prayer letters which will we use to pray for you during our regular weekly prayer times.

If you’d like to join our prayer network and pray for world mission needs, just email and we’ll add you to the circulation list.  Please don’t forward any emails we send you, or pin them on noticeboards, as there may be security implications for the sender.

And don’t forget to pray for us too!  We have need for safety as we travel around the world, wisdom as we pastor and advise mission workers, ongoing smooth running for our cars and the finance to keep everything going.  You can download our prayer diary here.

You can sign up to receive our daily prayer requests using the PrayerMate app – just click here for Syzygy’s feed.

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