The Syzygy Online Guides are here to help mission workers, whatever stage of ministry you’re at.  It’s our goal to build this section of our website into a reference to help you prepare for, carry out, and lay down your ministry.  There’s also guidance for churches on how to support missions partners effectively.

Here at Syzygy we recognise that we don’t know all the answers, so if you disagree with something, or think we’ve left something important out, please engage with us through the comments so that we can make this resource the best we possibly can for our missions partners.

Also have a look at our reading page for our recommendations for useful books to help you.

We’re releasing this in stages, so please be patient and come back soon if the bit you’re looking for isn’t ready yet.  Click on the orange link below for the section you’re interested in.

Going – Considering becoming a cross-cultural mission partner?  Here are some things to think about before you go.

Home assignment – How to make the most of your time back in your sending country.

Re-entry – Advice on how to finish well and come ‘home’.

Short-term – Considering going on a short-term mission?  Here is some handy advice on how to prepare for the experience.

Going it alone – Advice for those who are going without significant support from a sending agency.

Retiring – Thinking about how we withdraw from the mission field.

For Churches – How you can be a more effective part of your mission partner’s ministry.