If you’re planning to serve God overseas, this is a good place to start.  There’s a lot for you to think about here, and checklists for all the stuff you’re going to need to do.  Just click on the orange link below to go to a pdf exploring the relevant subject.

Can God really use me? In a world where it seems everyone needs to be highly qualified, can God use anyone?

How do I know I have a calling? A sense of calling is vital for missions partners, but not everyone agrees on what it is and how to get it.

Ten things to consider before you go.  These are some serious questions about how you might cope with the personal cost of being a missions partner.  They’re not designed deliberately to put you off, but are there to help you make sure you’ve fully considered the price you might pay.

How do I get my church to support me?  A vital question.  We consider some of the issues involved.

What to do if your church leaders don’t agree you have a calling. Don’t throw a tantrum – be a responsible and committed church member.

Do I have to go to Bible College? Not necessarily, though it will probably be helpful.  Here’s why.

Do I really need to join a mission organisation? It’s a question a lot of people ask these days.  We consider whether you need to.

How do I choose the right mission organisation? Finding the right organisation is crucial to the fruitfulness of your ministry.  Here are some of our top tips.

Building a support network.  Without friends to support you, you’re going to find the journey a whole lot harder.  Here are some ideas for creating an effective team.

How do I raise the funding?  That’s the 64 million dollar question.  If the answer to that is so easy, why do so many missions partners struggle financially?

101 things to do before you go.  Once it’s definite that you’re going, what are all the practical things you need to organise?

Communicating with someone in a Creative Access Nation.  If you’re going to a country where you have to be discreet about your Christian beliefs, you don’t want your friends accidentally blowing your cover.  Use these tips to help them communicate with you appropriately.

What do I take with me?  The days of packing your belongings in your coffin are long gone, but we still need to thing hard about what to take.  Our friends at Oscar have done the thinking for us.

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