This story came to me from Agape and is too good to waste!

Several months ago, some Christian groups in Bologna (Italy) gave out 10,000 flyers and invited people to a Christian concert.  Not one seeker came at all.  Only a few insiders.  Yet at the end of October, Apollo XVI astronaut Charlie Duke was invited to speak, and crowds of several hundred students came.  Jesse Marco from Bologna reports: ‘We have no words to describe what just happened these last days here in Bologna.  One church planter commented,  Charlie, we have been here 23 years, and never have we seen these kinds of crowds, and never have we seen doors open like this.’

Charlie spoke at the scientific high school where nothing Christian is ever let in the door.  The previous week a 15 year old student had shot himself.  Charlie was able to share his testimony in detail, and part of  his testimony is that his wife was suicidal before she gave her life to Jesus.  He shared that and the students were listening to his every word.  After he had finished with his testimony and closed, the headmaster came up and thanked Charlie for coming and reviewed the main points he shared in his testimony.  Jesse said, ‘WOW!!  Never in our wildest dreams in a school where atheism is their god could we have imagined this would happen.’

In the Astronomy Department of the University of Bologna over 120 students turned up to hear Charlie.  Some had to stand outside the hall listening.  This event was set up by the university and specifically by a man who asked that God shouldn’t even be mentioned.  After speaking, there was a time for questions and answers and the man who said no God asked Charlie to share about the challenges of life after reaching the pinnacle of your career at age 36.  Then that night at dinner, he told Charlie again to make sure he talked about his personal life.

Jesse writes:  ‘On Tuesday evening we met for dinner with all the university officials who were responsible for the evening.  As we walked into the room which seats 300, it was standing room only again.  Charlie walked into the hall I was behind him and had not seen the crowd yet.  We then heard a very loud applause and were overwhelmed as were the school officials.  He opened his talk by thanking Agape Italia for bringing him to Bologna.  This was in a room with many students.  We are so thankful for all God did and again the doors this opened for all of us here in Bologna.’

Please pray that Agape team in Italy and associated churches in Bologna would be able to follow up their many contacts from this event.

Pray for the many students who have head a Christian testimony for the first time.

Pray for the ministry of Charlie as he shares his testimony around the world.  You can read more about him at

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