I was very busy, and I fell into the trap of thinking that my good works were more important than prayer.

This quote from Joseph Bernardin’s book The Gift of Peace does not need much elaboration, so this will be a short blog.  As we are still close to the start of a new year, we invite all our readers to reflect on this simple wisdom and review their own work/prayer balance.

God does not actually need workers.  He has angels to do his bidding.  He can speak and miracles occur.  He can self-reveal to unbelievers in dreams.  But God graciously chooses to partner with us so that we can be a small part of his governing the universe.

That partnership is not one of empowering us as independent agents to go off and work by ourselves in God’s name.  It is a partnership which calls us to share, participate, commune, together with God.  And we do that through prayer.

Syzygy is spending more and more time in prayer, for our own work, for God to send (and equip and sustain) more workers to bring in the harvest, and to intercede for mission workers.  Please join with us in this effort by sending us your prayer letters and becoming part of our prayer network.

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