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Many mission workers do not go to the field expecting to become leaders within their own organisations.  They go because they want to plant churches, do student work, or fulfil any of a number of other frontline roles.

Yet after a couple of terms they find themselves among the longest-serving people in their team, and are given a team leadership role.  Others, including those not serving with agencies, may find themselves supervising a large number of local employees.  However, they may not have the management skills and leadership gifting to help them in their role as management.  Their previous life may not have involved any management training, and they might not have had much opportunity to develop any leadership skills they have.

This has negative consequences for them and for their team.  Uncomfortable in their role, and somewhat guilty that they’re no longer doing the job they felt they were called to, they can either resort to an authoritarian leadership style, or abdicate their responsibility which leaves their team without direction.  The whole team suffers and leaders burn out quickly.

Syzygy’s response to this situation is to start developing a suite of management and leadership training packages for people in just these situations: to help them feel comfortable with their role in leadership, have the necessary management skills to do it well, and to develop the leadership gifting to inspire and lead their team effectively.  Our plan is to make these packages available so that they can be studied remotely, in the field, alongside daily responsibilities.  The pricing will be deliberately competitive as the primary goal is not to make money but to maximise the leadership potential of those who need this training.

Click on the orange links below to read more about the different packages we’re offering.

Mentoring for Mission, with Rick Lewis

More services will be introduced gradually, and we hope this will become an ideal remote learning process for people in need of developing their management and leadership ability.

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