Professional advice

Syzygy is only too painfully aware how hard it is to find reliable professional people who will do a good job at a good price, especially when you’re on the other side of the planet.  So some of our friends have made themselves available to help you.  These are people that we know and are happy to recommend to you.  Our friends need to make a living, so please understand if they want to charge you for their services, but we’re confident you’ll get a good, professional service out of them.  The usual disclaimers apply and Syzygy admits no responsibility for the advice they give.

We have advisers on:

  • international tax
  • legal issues
  • mentoring
  • personal coaching
  • training

For further information or to access one of these services, please contact us at

We also have a number of briefing papers relating to practical aspects of being a UK overseas mission worker.

Syzygy continues to work on your behalf to try to provide more services to help you.

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