Recommended reading

008We recommend the following books to further your understanding of issues in contemporary world missions:

Ad-MissionGraham Fawcett. An excellent guide to debriefing.

A Tale of Three Kings, Gene Edwards.  An excellent exploration of pain, loss and heartache.  Read our review.

Before you go, Jack Hempfling. A daily devotional to help you prepare your heart before going on a short-term mission.

Burn Up or Splash Down, Marion Knell. Advice on how to survive coming back to your ‘home’ culture after serving abroad, from a British perspective.

Care Across Cultures, Cherilyn Orr.  A practical guide for churches caring for missions partners.

Doing Member Care WellKelly O’Donnell (ed.).  A manual reviewing member care from a number of different environments including real-life case studies.

Families on the MoveMarion Knell.  A consideration of some of the issues families need to consider when relocating abroad.

Foreign to Familiar, Sarah Lanier.  An excellent guide to understanding other cultures.

Funding the Family Business, Myles Wilson.  Guidance on the best ways of raising funding for your ministry.

Global Member Care, Kelly O’Donnell.  A complete handbook for doing member care well.

Global Mission, Rose Dowsett (ed),  A challenging compendium of theology and practice for the thinking missiologist.

Global Missiology for the 21st Century, William D Taylor.  Papers following on from the 1999 Iguacu missiological consultation.

God, that’s not fair, Dick Dowsett. An investigation of eternal punishment and justification for Christian missions.

Healthy, Resilient and Effective in Cross-Cultural Ministry, Laura Mae Gardner.  A comprehensive guide to Member Care.

Honourably Wounded, Marjory Foyle.  A very helpful manual for recognising and addressing causes of stress in missions workers.  Read our review

Mission in the 21st Century, Andrew Walls & Cathy Ross (Eds).  Majority world authors explore the five marks of mission and evaluate current theology and practice of missions.

Operation World, Patrick Johnstone & Jason Mandrick.  The best guide to what’s going on in each country of the world, and how to pray into it.

Out of the Comfort Zone, George Verwer.  The original primer for mission.

People RaisingWilliam P Dillon.  A US precursor to Funding the Family Business on how to take a group of supporters with you on your journey.

PostmissionRichard Tiplady (Ed.).  A consideration of what it means to be involved with missions to a postmodern generation.

Re-Entry, Peter Jordan.  Advice on how to survive coming back to your ‘home’ culture after serving abroad, from a US perspective.

Serving as Senders, Neal Pirolo.  An excellent resource for churches on how to support their mission partners more effectively.

Short Term Service Directory, Christian Vocations.  A very useful handbook detailing a large variety of missions opportunities.  Now online at

Single MissionDr Debbie Hawker and Rev. Tim Herbert.  Syzygy’s very own book about, by and for life as a single mission worker.  Find out more at

The Heart of Church and Mission, Brian Knell.  A clear explanation of why mission needs to be at the heart of church.

The Re-Entry Team, Neal Pirolo.  Guidance for churches on how to welcome their missions partners home.

Thinking Clearly About the Great Commission, Rose Dowsett.  An introduction to world missions.

Too Valuable to Lose, William D Taylor (ed).  An examination of the causes of attrition among mission workers.

Transforming Mission, David Bosch.  A highly lauded but not uncritiqued analysis of biblical missiology.

Who is my Neighbour?Martin Goldsmith and Rosemary Harley.  A simple and accessible guide to understanding people of other faiths and how to communicate effectively with them.

Worth Keeping, Rob Hay and others. Global perspectives on Best Practice in missionary retention.  Follows on from Too Valuable to Lose.

Your Church Can Make a World of Difference, Allan Webb. Simple and helpful guide on how to turn your church into a sending powerhouse.

Members of Global Connections receive a discount on many of these and other resources ordered through their website.  Visit their shop.


In addition to these books we also have the following resources which you can download:

Missions and the Environment, Tim Herbert. Tim was asked to write this article for OMF (UK) who published it in their magazine East Asia’s Billions in July 2007.  

Download (PDF, 5KB)

An Assessment of Short-Term Missions, John Miles. John has a lifetime of short-term missions experience, and wrote this paper as a dissertation for his MA in Missiology with Birmingham Christian College.  

Download (PDF,  490KB)

Getting it Right, John Miles. John has been responsible for sending nearly one hundred short-term teams, and this manual contains his wealth of experience in training them.  

Download (PDF, 969KB)

How to Come Back Alive, John Miles. John’s GP admits that John knows far more about malaria than he does!  This health manual contains valuable information for travellers abroad.  

Download (PDF, 155KB)

Worlds Apart, John Miles. John’s extensive experience as a mission worker in India, Africa and eastern Europe is put to use in this cross-cultural training manual.

Download (PDF, 1217KB)

An Investigation into the Issues Faced by MKs on returning to Britain, Pam Serpell. Pam, a TCK herself, wrote this dissertation for her BA.

Download (PDF, 417KB)

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