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If you work cross-culturally, you understand the unique challenges missionaries encounter on the field. Changes in language, social systems, identity, values, climate, geography, political unrest, and work roles contribute to stress. Added pressures come from working with multinational teams, visas, children’s educational needs, health issues, isolation, relationships (single or married), funding and more.

No wonder international workers become discouraged and lose heart.

This 10-day retreat is intentionally created for the renewal and encouragement of singles, couples, and families who are in need of a break from global work.

Dates: 19-29 June

Location: Switzerland

More information: Catalyst Int’l



Five fun-filled and action packed days with other children aged 6-12 who have lived overseas and now find themselves back in the UK.

There will be an opportunity to share about where you’ve lived, as well as finding out more of what living in the UK is really like.

With lots of indoor and outdoor activities… plenty of chance to be creative and get messy!

Dates: 29 July – 2 August

Location: The Peak Centre, Derbyshire

More information: Global Connections



Five days for teenage TCKs – those who have lived overseas and now find themselves back in the UK. A chance to relax, chill, be themselves and interact with others who know just what they have experienced.

The programme is designed to give a safe space, an opportunity to relax, enjoy the centre and the company and learn from each other and those who can provide some help in getting re-connected to the UK scene and culture.

Dates: 4-9 August

Location: The Peak Centre, Derbyshire

More information: Global Connections



TRACTION is a 6-day experience designed to encourage global workers who serve in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.  TRACTION is different than any other kind of conference. It isn’t about filling notebooks or honing leadership skills. It is about living as single men, husbands, fathers, leaders, and as guys who deal with tremendous stresses cross-culturally.

This conference is focused on helping men navigate their roles to regain spiritual footing and momentum to move forward.

Dates: 18-24 September

Location: Switzerland

More information: Catalyst Int’l


This is a two-day mission consultation for church leaders, mission thinkers, mission students, mission agencies and mission practitioners of all Christian traditions who are seeking to or are currently working in the area of Diaspora Mission in the UK. The aim is to enhance collaboration among diaspora churches, hear how we are part of God’s mission story, learn from one another, and be equipped to be a blessing to all peoples (Genesis 12:3) living in the UK.

Dates: 6-7 September

Speakers: Joel Edwards, Tani Omideyi, Peter Rong, Rita Rimkiene

Location: All Nations Christian College, Ware

More information: Global Connections

DEALING WITH DIFFERENCE (Short Term Mission Forum)

Mental health, sexuality, gender identity and disability are realities in a changing world which means we need to think differently about who will potentially serve in our short-term programmes. In the past, many people have felt excluded from a short-term mission experience but, in today’s inclusive world, how can we organise and advertise our programmes so that they are accessible to as many people as possible without compromising our own values or making our trips impractical due to the need to provide higher levels of care and support?

Speakers with experience in these areas will help us navigate the complexity of these issues and show us how we can make provision for those with additional needs so that we can find the right balance. We will also include some practical sessions on key areas relating to best practice.

Dates: 15-16 October

Speakers: Mark Arnold, Debbie Hawker, Graham Fawcett

Location: Wallis House (IMC), Birmingham

More information: Global Connections



In recent decades many millions of people have come to Europe from all over the world and established minority churches.  Meanwhile ethnic Europeans have migrated within the continent and planted churches which often reflect their own culture more than the host culture.  We will be investigating this phenomenon and asking how these churches navigate between becoming assimilated by the host culture, remaining isolated outposts of their culture of origin or endeavour to develop a ‘kingdom’ culture that transcends both.

We will aim to provoke theological reflection on diaspora mission, listen to and learn from lived narratives, lead toward an action plan to further develop our understanding and provide tools/outputs to further develop diaspora ministry in the future.

Dates: 25-27 November

Location: Hotel Benczur , Budapest

More information: The European Evangelical Mission Association

RELATIONSHIPS IN A WORLD OF CONFLICT (European Member Care Consultation 2020)

Loving God, loving your neighbour, loving yourself, loving your enemy.

The world seems to be increasingly polarised, with relationships characterised by animosity and divisiveness even in the church and mission.

How do we embrace and foster authentically loving and sacrificial relationships in our teams and communities?

Our Bible studies in Romans 12 will inform our thinking on crucial relationships such as team, church, family, agency, spouse, nationals, persecutors, leaders and God as we see to share the gospel with others not only in what we do and say, but in who we are and how we live.

Dates: 16-19 March 2020

Location: Casa Diocesana De Spiritualidad, Malaga, Spain

More information: Member Care Europe

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