trainingSyzygy has a number of training modules available for churches and agencies to take advantage of.  These can be delivered at your premises or at an alternative venue either as a stand alone module or as part of your training weeks or home assignment reunions.  Occasionally we run them ourselves.  They are specially designed to be flexible, in order to meet your needs, and can be presented in short modules for delivery as part of a larger event, as day workshops or as a retreat.  We pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs, and are willing to produce training options specifically designed to meet your requirements.  Just click on the orange link below to see or courses.

Crash Landing?  ‘Re-entry’ is a term that is frequently used for mission workers returning to their ‘home’ country.  It conveys the sense of a spacecraft coming back into the earth’s atmosphere, which is the most risky part of the whole voyage into space.  But what happens when it goes wrong?  This workshop is specifically tailored for returned mission workers who have struggled to feel at home in their ‘home’ country and find the culture of their church difficult to adapt to.  We explore why this happens, and identify strategies for thriving.

Myers Briggs.  This is the leading methodology for understanding what makes us tick.  Armed with this knowledge we are equipped to know our own preferences and understand why others may behave differently to us or misinterpret our actions and words.  MBTI helps us function more effectively, manage our stress better, and collaborate with co-workers.

Serving as Singles.  This celebration of singleness in ministry will be an affirming time helping single mission workers embrace their situation in life, look to Christ to provide our needs, and discuss strategies for coping with the difficult aspects of being single.  There will be time for teaching, discussion, prayer, silence and laughter.  It is open to all singles involved in mission whether unmarried, divorced or widowed.  Above all, we will be pointed back to Jesus as the lover of our soul, to spend time with him, listening to what he has to say to us.

Why do we Choose to be Stressed?  Many mission workers slowly lose the capacity to perform well over time.  The reasons for this are many but can include stress, isolation and spiritual stagnation.  We examine these issues, help people identify how they put stress on themselves, and identify strategies for thriving.

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