Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the world’s most effective resources at helping people understand themselves, recognise their preferences in how they interact with the world, and appreciate how this impacts both their work and private lives.  It is of key significance in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, decision making and problem solving.  Effective use of MBTI within an organisation can enhance the effectiveness and fulfilment of individuals and teams. Without this understanding, people can be at risk of miscommunicating, misinterpreting other people’s words and actions, and being profoundly misunderstood.  At Syzygy we believe that having an MBTI profile is an essential part of the training of every mission worker.

Syzygy is able to provide MBTI for teams and individuals.  Whether you are an independent mission worker looking to enhance your effectiveness through self-awareness or a major organisation seeking to enhance you team dynamics, we can bring a tailored solution to your needs.  This can be as a bespoke course as part of a team retreat, or an in-office solution in a modular format so that it can fit round the working day.

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