Just in case you missed some of our more interesting, exciting or just plain helpful blogs, here’s a review of some of Syzygy’s epic blog moments of 2011.

We introduced the new Syzygy corporate identity as the fifth emergency service, and launched the Syzygy Prayer Network.  We were given two new cars for our popular car loan service.  We started a new Devotional feature which included thoughts on God’s provision for our financial support, our motivation for loving, the power of the timid prayer, and the significance of Harvest Festival.

Our For Your Information feature covered such diverse topics as the Arab Spring (and the lack of a Bamboo Spring), the Eurozone crisis, the implications of Islamic Democracy, the legal situation of UK Christians and why London’s Burning.

Our Featured Missions included ICF, Project Gateway, Urban Neighbours of Hope and OscarActive and our Guest Bloggers talked about How To Write a Good Newsletter, the challenge of being counter-cultural, whether ‘failure’ at short-term mission is necessarily a bad thing, and the impact of change on a TCK.

We reviewed Rob Bell’s controversial new book, considered the state of church planting in Europe, and reflected on the heritage of non-conformism.  We thought about the reason for doing short-term mission and gave quite a bit of space to dealing with stress, in particular thinking about tools for self-analysishow we can say ‘no’ more often, and ‘unpacking‘ our experiences.

Tech notes introduced us to new technologies such as Google+ and Dropbox, explained why we need to be using social media, and helped us clean out our computer and develop strong passwords – which gave rise to my favourite quote of the year: Treat your password like your toothbrush!

We hope you have enjoyed the experience of reading our blogs.  If you have, please recommend this site to your friends, so that more people can find out about the valuable ministry Syzygy exercises in supporting mission workers worldwide!

With every blessing for fruitful ministry in the New Year,


Tim Herbert

Director of Operations


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