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Syzygy exists to support mission workers.  Our mission is to maximise the effectiveness of mission workers and prevent their avoidable departure from their place of service.  In it’s broadest sense, this service is known in the missions world as Member Care.  We believe that the primary provider of these services is the sending church, supported by family and friends and facilitated by the sending agency.  However it is clear that many mission workers do not have full support, which is when we step in to help.  We do this by providing:

Strategic leadership: We work with churches and other sending organisations to ensure standards of care for mission workers are maintained and improved.  We achieve this through participation in conferences and forums and by networking and collaborating with other organisations.  Our commitment is to help those responsible for support mission workers to do it more effectively – so we don’t have to help out!

Pastoral support: We provide pastoral care, advice, support and help in solving problems through personal visits, home assignment reviews and facilitating.  Our website is being developed into an online support base and practical guide, and we keep in regular contact with mission workers through email and skype.  We are willing to provide problem-solving advice and even field visits where necessary, and plan to offer team-building and leadership training in the near future.

Training and debriefing: We support individuals, families, teams, organisations and churches by providing practical training, coaching and mentoring to equip them to do their tasks more effectively.  We provide pre-departure training, HA review and post-return debriefing for both short and long term mission workers.  For those not able to take up our training options in person, we are developing a series of online guides to mission, to provide information and help people think through some of the challenges of going, staying, coming back and sending.  Find out more…

Resourcing: We provide or facilitate a variety of practical and logistical support to help mission workers.  This includes provision of transport, assistance with accommodation, publicity, and a wide range of professional advice.  Ideally these are services which should be provided by the sending church or agency, or the mission worker’s family and friends, but sometimes they’re not able to meet all the needs, which is when we step in.  Find out more…

Syzygy also works in the UK in partnership with Member Care Europe and the European Evangelical Missionary Association, organising conferences and training events and helping mission workers connect, collaborate and learn together.

We are proud to be active members of Global Connections and regularly participate in several of its forums.

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  1. Dear in the Lord,
    Loving Greetings!
    While browsing the net I found your web site and I would like to appreciate you for the kind of Mission work you are doing.I am a convert from the Sikh faith and I am now running a Missionary training centre in North India.We are sending our graduates to the un-reached areas.I have done B.Th and BD and I would love to get involved with you if you interested to help the missionaries in India. Kindly let me know your responce on this.




  3. I really appreciate what the Lord is using you people to do to help Mission senders reach their God given dreams.You can see through our Website and the brochure to see what God have been using us do to reach out to the unreached.We send out Church planters and Missionaries like we have work in Gabon. Light And Life Mission is a Mission with a heart and desire to reach out the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost.We do this through Evangelism,Church planting,Training etc.We have Churches in the different areas of the Country and Church planting in Gabon.If you are not yet in Cameroon and will what to work in Cameroon,then we will want to work with you to fulfilling the Mission of Jesus.There are so many areas here the gospel has not reach but you can help the gospel to reach some of those people in the remote areas.Bodies like CART Of England,Lions Club Australia,Cross Roads Hong Kong have been helping with materials eg Clo things,machines,School chairs,Computers and others.Your partnership with us will carry us to more places. Thanks Sone Charles 237-7759-1260 http://www.lightandlifemission.orgwww.lightandlifemission.org/Cheek our Brochure at Cameroon Brochure For Light And Life Mission-Airline Ambassadors International

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