It’s coming up for a year since Syzygy relaunched it’s website.   We’ve already had a lot of feedback and there are some things I’ve been encouraged by, and others which I’ve found a bit disappointing.

First of all, the highlights.   According to the latest statistics, the site has been viewed by people in 82 different countries!   I’m thrilled that our impact has spread, largely by word of mouth, to so many places.  Over half the people who view us come back again, and on average they look at 3.5 pages and stay on the site for a massive 3:30 minutes, which is an awfully long time in cyberworld.

I’m disappointed that we haven’t generated more discussion online, as I’d like this to be a place for people working out new ideas together.   I’m also disappointed that some two thirds of our viewers are in Britain and the USA.   If that’s you, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t love you, but the prime purpose of this site is to meet the needs of people involved in overseas mission, and I’m guessing that most of you, even if involved in mission, are on the home front.

So we’re going to have a rethink about our objectives and strategies, and we’d like to invite you to participate.  Please visit our (very short) questionnaire at which will ask you some questions and invite your feedback.   It’s anonymous so please feel free to be honest!

This will help us tailor our web presence to your needs more effectively.   You can also keep in touch with us more frequently by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  And please invite your friends and colleagues to follow us as well – the more people who know about our ministry, the more chance we have of making a difference where it really counts!

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